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    World of Horror Podcast Ep 03 – The Devil’s Rain (1975)

   Back In Time Podcast  Ep 156 – Top 5 Movies from 1985

   Dead Hand Radio Podcast -Ghosts, UFOs, & An Axe Murderer

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  • FFFF Ep095 Fave Five Taylor Swift Songs September 22, 2023
    FFFF Ep095 Fave Five Taylor Swift Songs I promise that you'll never find another like me… I just wanted you to know that this is me trying Lilli Dot joins me in the @PMStudios to discuss our favorite @taylorswift13 songs. And maybe a little game we like to … Shakespeare or Taylor Swift. It’s gonna […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep094 Fave Five Book Endings September 15, 2023
    "It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." Or something like that. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! We will be giving the endings away to these books. J Hall from the @OkieBookcast joins me in […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep093 Fave Five Arnold Schwarzenegger Roles September 8, 2023
    Arnold @Schwarzenegger has 83 Acting Credits on IMDB. I’ve invited Cam Sully from the Jacked Up Review Show Podcast @JackedUpReview to discuss our Fave Favorite roles of the Governator AND the specific movie that character was in. We’ve got a GREAT list to get through and we have a lot of fun doing it. Links […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep092 Fave Five Cameos September 1, 2023
    A cameo role also called a cameo appearance and often shortened to just cameo, is a brief guest appearance of a well-known person or character in a work of the performing arts. And there have been a metric TON of them over the years. I’ve invited Kimmie B to join me in the Plastic Microphone […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep091 Fave Five Tough Mothers August 25, 2023
    Ahhh, Mothers. Always out there protecting the little ones. Even when they aren’t even theirs. I’ve invited the fantastic author of “Roost”, film critic, TV commentator, and now AWARD-WINNING director of the excellent horror comedy “Obstacle Corpse”, Tough Mother Hope Madden. This episode is in recognition of Women's Equality Day, an American day that is […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep090 Fave Five ROM Cameos August 18, 2023
    79 Issues of ROM Spaceknight in the Marvel Universe just isn’t enough for ROM-Pals Lee Seitz and me, so we’ve decided to dig deeper. We scour the Comic universe and we’ve compiled our Fave Five for you. Let us know what you think. Links on our Profile Page and at Visit & interact on […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep089 Fave Five High School Movies August 11, 2023
    Ahhh, High School. Some love it, some hate it, but dang, there’s A LOT of movies about the experience. I have invited Lilli Dot back to the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss our favorites. So check us out! Links on our Profile Page and at Visit & interact on Instagram (, Twitter (, Facebook […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep088 Fave Five Sports Movies August 4, 2023
    Hooray. He's kicked the ball. Now the ball's over there. That man has it now. That's an interesting development. Maybe he'll kick the ball. He has indeed and apparently, that deserves a round of applause. Ahhh, American Sports Round Ball. You know I love it. Doctor, Professor, Astronaut, Congressperson, Shaman, Healer, Quarterback, kit girl, and […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep087 Fave Five Vampires July 28, 2023
    FFFF Ep087 Fave Five Vampires I bid you welcome... In this episode, I have invited returning guest Angela P to once again cross the threshold of the Plastic Microphone Studios for a discussion of our favorite vampires, on screen and in print. A vampire, you ask? Modern medical science does not admit of such a […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep086 Fave Five Star Trek Guest Stars July 21, 2023
    Shatner, Stewart, Ryan... They're all great Star Trek Actors. But today, I've invited Capt. Spooky from the USS New Jersey starship to discuss our Fave Five Star Trek Guest Stars. In a bit of a divergence from our norm, we will be picking one guest star each from The Original Series, The Nest Generation, Deep […]
    Jamie Ray
  • CDWJR Ep011 Titanic Talk with Sean of the Review It Yourself Pocast July 19, 2023
    There's been LOTS of talk recently about the Titanic, but we won't be discussing the tragic events of the Titan, previously called Cyclops 2, and the loss of all personnel. Instead, I've invited Sean on board to discuss the Titanic, both the ship and the movies about it. Sean's got Metric Tons of information to […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep085 Fave Five Licensed Comic Books BONUS July 15, 2023 (August 1977.) We supposedly start on the "western coast of Alaska." Unfortunately, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline is in the eastern half of the state. His next stop is described as a "major Alaskan Pipeline terminal" which is "several miles inland." Since 500+ miles from the west coast is a bit more than "several" and it's […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep085 Fave Five Licensed Comic Books July 7, 2023
    Superman, Batman, Spider-man... They're all great comics, but we won't be talking about them in this episode. I've invited ROM uber-fan Lee Seitz back to the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss our Favorite Licensed comic book series. And there will be no discussion of our absolute FAVE Licensed Comic, ROM Spaceknight, AT ALL! Ok, maybe […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep084 Fave Five TV Dads Thru the '80s June 30, 2023
    Dads, am I right? There have been some great ones, for sure. Almost too many to mention, but we're gonna try. In this episode, J Hall and I tackle our favorite TV Dads throughout the 1980s. Along the way, we have some laughs and I learn a few things, which is always fun.  Check J […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep083 Fave Five James Bond Movies June 23, 2023
    I like my podcasts shaken, not stirred... James Bond Expert and Yardsale Artist Jarrod Alberich joins me in my super secret lair, erm, I mean the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss the world's most famous spy, James Bond. Whether it be Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig, or even […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep082 Fave Five Horror Moments June 9, 2023
    "They're here..." "You're gonna need a bigger boat." "Oh hidy-ho officer, we've had a doozy of a day." Some of the great moments from Horror Movies. But there are SO many more. I've invited horror aficionado Lilly G back to the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss our favorites, and why. We cover some great ones […]
    Jamie Ray
  • CDWJR Ep010 Picard S01E04 Review with Super Gus June 2, 2023
    Picard "Absolute Candor" Season One Episode Four I feel like I've mentioned that this isn't your daddy's Star Trek. Have I? Well, if not, it's not. Super Gus and I break down this episode for you at absolutely NO CHARGE! How ya like that? Check us out wherever you stream stuff. You know, like Podcasts. […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep081 Fave Five Werewolves May 26, 2023
    I saw a werewolf drinkin' a piña colada at Trader Joe's today. His hair was perfect. He could've used a mint, though. Angelica P. joins me for this episode all about our very favorite furry friends, the lycanthrope, a loup-garou, a skinwalker, or the Werewolf. Angela has a love for the yetiglanchi and sits down […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep080 Fave Five Muppets April 28, 2023
    It's time to play the music, It's time to light the lights... Michael M lays down his Imperial Blaster to slide into the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss our Five Favorite Muppets of all time. Mike’s a HUGE Muppets fan and we have a lot of laughs. I even learn a few things I didn’t […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep079 Fave Five SNL Skits April 16, 2023
    Live from the Plastic Microphone Studios, it's whatever night (or day) you're listening to this episode. We're talking about Skits. Not Digital Shorts. Not Music Videos. Just skits. Over 45 years of 'em. And joining me in the Plastic Microphones Studios today, in which she legally owns 50% of due to Louisiana being a community […]
    Jamie Ray