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    World of Horror Podcast Ep 03 – The Devil’s Rain (1975)

   Back In Time Podcast  Ep 156 – Top 5 Movies from 1985

   Dead Hand Radio Podcast -Ghosts, UFOs, & An Axe Murderer

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  • FFFF Ep043 Fave Five Sci-Fi Planets May 17, 2021
    Please place your tray tables in their upright position. You’re in for a ride! Space, the final fronti…. Umm, scratch that. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. And that place is right here. Andrew Hall of Dead Hand Radio joins me to discuss our Favorite Planets from Science Fiction movies, tv shows, comics, […]
    Matt Roberts
  • FFFF Ep042 Fave Five Episodes of the X-Files April 30, 2021
    The truth is out there..but where are my car keys? Agents Fox “Spooky” Mulder and Dana “Starbuck” Scully became a worldwide success, spawned over 200 episodes, 2 movies, multiple comic book series, and much more. And we loved every weird moment. Kevin from Paper Heroes joins me from the depths of the J. Edgar Hoover […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep041 Fave Five Action Figure Toy Lines March 5, 2021
    Remember when we used to actually play with Action Figures? We sure do! Action Figures, yes. SuperHero guys, sure. But never dolls! Whatever you called them, we grew up playing with and living adventures with these toys. In this episode, I have invited Aaron Smith, the owner of Cajun Gamer (a Toy/Comic/Game Store!!!) to sit […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep040 Fave Five Movie Siblings February 19, 2021
    Sisters and Brothers are doing it for themselves! Here it is, one of the most special Christmas Presents I’ve ever received. My daughters Abbi and Lilli Dot gifted me a Podcast, one all about siblings. As the 2 coolest sisters I can imagine, these two take me to task to choose my Favorite Movie Siblings. […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep039 Fave Five Twilight Zone Season 1 February 15, 2021
    There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. And we’re going there! Rod Serling gave us so much amazing television that just one episode is just not enough to cover it. That’s why I’ve asked Loh and Super Gus to join me for a series of 5 episodes covering each season […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep038 Fave Five Androids & Robots January 29, 2021
    Beep Bop Bork Means I Love You... The future is now. I sit down with the Super Gus-Bot 3000 to discuss our favorite Androids and Robots from Sci-Fi films and television shows. Join us as we discuss the future of robotics by watching the films of the past. You won’t believe some of the ones […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep037 Fave Five Prince Songs January 22, 2021
    The Purple One may be gone, but his music will live on forever... **Please note that some discussions are of a sexual nature and may not be suitable for children.** Prince Rogers Nelson has been a part of my life for almost as long as I remember. His music, movies, music videos, and concerts have […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep036 Fave Five Batman in TV & Movies January 15, 2021
    Holy BatEpisode! Matt is back and it’s a good one. Back in Episode 15 Matt & I discussed the comic versions of Batman, and now we’re back for a look at the cinematic iterations. From Serials to Animation to Theatrical films, we cover them all. Matt is an Uber Bat Fan, and he really takes […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep035 1 Year Anniversary Special January 8, 2021
    Has it been a year already? Please join Lilli Dot and me as we take a walk down memory lane. 35 Episodes & going strong! Here at Fave Five From Fans, we’ve covered everything from Camp Horror Movies to Musical Numbers, Killer Towns to Christmas Movies, and Edgar Allen Poe to Disney Movies. Join Lilli […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep034 Fave Five Santas December 25, 2020
    We made a list, we checked it twice. And now we’re giving it to you! Our 4th and final Christmas themed episode is filled with Kringle! Kris Kringle, that is. Lilli Dot sits down with me to discuss our Favorite Santas from Movies, Television and other media. It’s our present to you. So, slip on […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep033 Fave Five Christmas Songs December 23, 2020
    Tune in for some festive tunes. I promise not to sing...much. The 3rd Christmas themed episode is rocketing up the charts! Join Santa’s Favorite Elf Kim and I as we countdown our favorite Christmas Songs. Classic Carols may or may not be on this list, but you’ll be surprised at our #1 Favorites, I guarantee. […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep032 Fave Five Christmas Horror Movies December 18, 2020
    Ain’t no Rudolph on this list! For our 2nd Christmas themed episode, we Zoom across the pond as Neil and I discuss our Favorite Horror Movies set during the Christmas holidays. No one is nestled all snug in their beds tonight. So sharpen your chopping axes, check your doors, use mamma’s kerchief for a tourniquet, […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep031 Fave Five Christmas Movies December 10, 2020
    Who’s up for some Celluloid Christmas Fun? I am! It’s the second most wonderful time of the year (right behind Halloween). I’ve invited Poe SuperFan Tiffany to bring her husband Chris together and discuss our Favorite Holiday Films. Did yours make the list? Tune in and find out. So, get nestled all snug in your […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep030 Fave Five ‘70s & ‘80s Cartoons October 23, 2020
    It’s time for some Saturday Morning Cartoons, gang! Who remembers waking up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and eat Cookie Crisp cereal? Well, I invite the co-hosts of the Pop Ninja Podcast Lisa & Patrick to plop down on their virtual beanbag chairs and remember the best Saturdays of our childhood. So, slip […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • Complete Disarray with Jamie Ray EP001 October 16, 2020
    Announcing a new sporadic show from the guys responsible for Fave Five From Fans. For our first episode, Super Gus and I discuss his favorite film "Sleepaway Camp" and his best girl Angela Baker. Join us as we uncover the REAL villain of this story!
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep029 Fave Five Killer Towns September 25, 2020
    These are the places you won’t want to call home. Home is where you’re supposed to feel safe, right? Well, NOT if you live in one of these towns. This week Hope & George from Fright Club come on the show to talk about Killer Towns, both real and imaginary, where the bad guys and […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep028 Fave Five Psyche Episodes September 18, 2020
    Come as we search for the pineapples in the Psych Detective Agency's files. In between the lines, there's a lot of obscurity. I’m Jamie Ray, & this is my partner Galileo Humpkins, I mean, Scoony “U Turn” Singleton. Actually, I’ve heard it both ways. This week I’m joined by returning guests T-Jen & Lilli to […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep027 Fave Five Toys We Didn’t Get As Kids September 11, 2020
    Were we naughty, or just bad toy list wishers? Find out in this episode! Growing up in the ‘70s, there were SO many wonderful toys to play with. From the Sears Wish Books to the JC Penney Christmas catalogs, visions of action figures and play sets danced in our heads. Join Lee Seitz and I […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep026 Fave Five Six Million Dollar Man Episodes August 21, 2020
    This week we go on location to Paper Heroes in Lake Charles, LA, to release our first show with 3 Guests, all ‘70s Kids, to discuss “The Six Million Dollar Man” Favorite TV Episodes. Patrick, Kevin, and Chuck will all reminisce about what is arguably the most influential series for a boy growing up in […]
    AOC Podcast Network
  • FFFF Ep025 Fave Five Community Episodes August 14, 2020
    Coming to you from the A/V Dept. of Greendale Community College, it's Fave Five From Fans! Freeze mamma-jamma! This week I invite Lilli Dot to sit with me in the Study Room of the Plastic Microphone Studio as we discuss the outrageously funny show "Community." From Jeff to Rich, Pierce to Star-Burns, and of course […]
    AOC Podcast Network