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I’ve had the pleasure to appear on a few Podcasts.

    World of Horror Podcast Ep 03 – The Devil’s Rain (1975)

   Back In Time Podcast  Ep 156 – Top 5 Movies from 1985

   Dead Hand Radio Podcast -Ghosts, UFOs, & An Axe Murderer

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  • FFFF Ep056 Fave Five Star Wars Moments December 19, 2021
    EPISODE LVI It is a time of great stress in the galaxy. Warring factions of Podcasters have begun assaulting the streaming platforms with wave after wave of Star Wars related episodes. And then, One Podcast comes forward to bring them all together. A Podcast with a very special and gifted Super Fan, one powerful with […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep055 Fave Five Rick & Morty Episodes December 4, 2021
    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Its a brand new episode all about the dimensional hopping Grandpa and grandson, Rick & Morty. Author Joshlyn Jackson joins me to talk about her novels, Dungeons and Dragons, and her one of a kind rating system for the episodes. Joshlyn really did her homework, and it shows. We laugh a […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep054 Fave Five Villains That Weren't Really THAT Wrong October 30, 2021
    Hope & George from the Fright Club Podcast join me to discuss the age-old question, "Does this smell funny to you?" Wait, this just in, that is NOT what we're discussing. We will actually be discussing what some people call "Villains", but the case can be made that they really weren't THAT wrong. And no, […]
    Jamie Ray
  • Trailer for FFFF Ep054 October 25, 2021
    Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming episode 54 with Hope and George Zooming to the Plastic Microphone Studios.
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep053 Fave Five Barbarians October 22, 2021
    Gather round, yon Podcast Universe, and hear a tale of two Jamies. Each armed with a microphone and a list... a list of favorite Barbarians. Please join me in welcoming first-time guest and Cartoonist Jamie Cosley to the Plastic Microphone Studios. Jamie Cosley is a Cartoonist, a Comic Book Artist, a Musician who sings in […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep052 '80s Cars on the Screen October 15, 2021
    Join me in welcoming my SIPNetwork Brothers JD & Kyle from the "Back In Time Podcast" to discuss our Favorite Cars from both the Big Screen and the Little one. We'll be discussing some cars, trucks, and just about anything with wheels from that RAD time, with the guys who know it so well. So […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep051 Fave Five Paranormal Movies October 8, 2021
    11:55, almost midnight. Enough time for one more story. One more story before 12:00, just to keep us warm.  Spooky stories are awesome, and spooky movies are even better. Join me in welcoming Paranormal Pat to the Plastic Microphone Studios as we discuss our favorite Paranormal Films. Will we match? Tune in to find out! […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF B007 Lake Charles Film Festival - Brooke Elder Hebert October 1, 2021
    Female Filmmaker Brooke Edler Hebert Zooms in to discuss her submissions to the Lake Charles Film Festival this weekend. Listen & learn about her other projects, as well, like "Halloween Candy" and "Ivy." Also, hear 'bout next year's Southern Gothic Film Fest. This is a fun one, y'all!
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF B006 Lake Charles Film Fesival with Bart Wild September 28, 2021
    Bart Wild, filmmaker ( joins me to discuss his "Loup Garou in the Bayou" Proof of Concept submission to the Lake Charles Film Festival this weekend. Listen and learn about his other projects, as well, like The Bingo Bandito and his new YouTube Channel Look Dat! (
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF B005 Lake Charles Film Festival with Patrick Bennett September 25, 2021
    Patrick Bennett Zooms into the Plastic Microphone to discuss the 2021 Lake Charles Film Festival and the filmmakers that are being represented. The Lake Charles Film Festival is an annual event founded to bring the very best of independent film and video to Calcasieu Parish (in Southwest Louisiana.) It was also founded to spotlight and […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep049 Fave Five Post-Apocalyptic Films August 27, 2021
    “These our witness, Aunty. Us suffer bad. Want justice. We want Thunderdome!” And so began the journey north to safety, to our place in the sun. Or maybe it’s just The Last Librarian Evan Carter coming in @FromThe Wastes to discuss a topic near and dear to his heart, Post-Apocalyptic films. And we talk about […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep048 Fave Five Female Star Trek Characters August 21, 2021
    “Fun will Commence” - Annika Hansen Phillipa Louvois, Tryla Scott, Silva La Forge. These are some of the females of the Star Trek Universe. Shark advocate and Muliebris powerhouse T-Jen beams in to compare our Favorite Female Star Trek Characters from the universe Gene Roddenberry gave to us. Ensigns to Admirals, Helmsmen to Engineers, we […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep047 Fave Five US Movie Posters August 13, 2021
    A guaranteed Janky-free episode all about Movie Posters. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, between my guest Neil Fraser and I, we have 4 eyes, so we should be able to see lots of beauty. Beautiful Posters for films released in the US, that is. Neil brings his unique background as […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep046 Fave Five Movie Snacks August 6, 2021
    “I don’t really snack at the movies,” said no one EVER! We love movies here on the Fave Five, AND we love snacks. So what better episode than our Fave Five Movie Snacks? And who better than Juvie (or is it Dalie), otherwise known as Joyful Julie and Phantom Dark Dave! We discuss what we […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep045 Fave Five Hair Metal Songs July 30, 2021
    You can still rock in the Podcast Universe, aww yeah, all right! Tune-up those guitars, whammy those, umm, whammy things, and do whatever you need to do to get ready for a Rockin’ Good time as Neil Ray (from Leauxco fame)(and NO, we’re NOT related) Zooms from his Guitar Barn as we discuss one of […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep044 Fave Five Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes July 16, 2021
    Red Alert! It’s time to engage with our favorite Next Gen episodes. Resistance is futile. When it was first announced, the sequel to the classic Star Trek episode, many of us Trekkies were a little hesitant. But after 7 seasons, a total of 178 episodes, and multiple movies, many feel it is the best series […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep043 Fave Five Sci-Fi Planets May 17, 2021
    Space, the final fronti…. Umm, scratch that. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. And that place is right here. Andrew Hall of Dead Hand Radio joins me to discuss our Favorite Planets from Science Fiction movies, tv shows, comics, and books. Have your tickets ready, ensure your carry-on fits in the overhead compartment, […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep042 Fave Five Episodes of the X-Files April 30, 2021
    Agents Fox “Spooky” Mulder and Dana “Starbuck” Scully became a worldwide success, spawned over 200 episodes, 2 movies, multiple comic book series, and much more. And we loved every weird moment. Kevin from Paper Heroes joins me from the depths of the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. to compare our Favorite Episodes. So […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep041 Fave Five Action Figure Toy Lines March 5, 2021
    Remember when we used to actually play with Action Figures? We sure do! Action Figures, yes. SuperHero guys, sure. But never dolls! Whatever you called them, we grew up playing with and living adventures with these toys. In this episode, I have invited Aaron Smith, the owner of Cajun Gamer (a Toy/Comic/Game Store!!!) to sit […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep040 Fave Five Movie Siblings February 19, 2021
    Here it is, one of the most special Christmas Presents I’ve ever received. My daughters Abbi and Lilli Dot gifted me a Podcast, one all about siblings. As the 2 coolest sisters I can imagine, these two take me to task to choose my Favorite Movie Siblings. And what a list it is! So get […]
    Jamie Ray