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    World of Horror Podcast Ep 03 – The Devil’s Rain (1975)

   Back In Time Podcast  Ep 156 – Top 5 Movies from 1985

   Dead Hand Radio Podcast -Ghosts, UFOs, & An Axe Murderer

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  • FFFF Ep065 Vincent Price Moments September 23, 2022
    So, last week’s episode has left you Vincent Price hungry? Well, then have I got the cure for YOU! This week Elbee, a bikini aficionado (she explains), a mix-tape maker, & a sexy Kewpie doll (no explanation needed!) And she's easily unimpressed. She is Head Grump//Grump Head, the owner of a female owned website […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep064 Fave Five Vincent Price Movies September 16, 2022
    2 words... Vincent Price. Actor, sure, we've all seen his films, but did you know he was an accomplished chef, art collector and lover, AND an advocate for the Native American artists? Well then, you need to sit right down and give this episode a listen. Lilly G. beams into to share her Fave Five, […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep063 Fave Five Saw Traps September 9, 2022
    WARNING: If you are unfamiliar with the Saw movies, this may not be the best episode for you. We talk about some pretty yucky deaths. You were warned. I want to play a game. 3 strangers (they actually are really good friends, but I'm setting a mood here), trapped in a recording studio, must give […]
    Jamie Ray
  • CDWJR Ep007 Picard S01E03 Review with Super Gus September 2, 2022
    Bonus Episode from the people who bring you Fave Five From Fans, direct from the Plastic Microphone Studios, it's Complete Disarray with Jamie Ray. And this episode brings Super Gus to the mic to discuss Picard Season 1 Episode 3 "The End Is the Beginning." By  now you know this ain't your Daddy's Star Trek. […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep062 Fave Five KISS Songs August 26, 2022
    Alright Podcast Universe. You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest Podcast in the world... Fave Five From Fans!" This week Podcaster and KISS Army General Kendall Fontenot sits across from me not IN the Plastic Microphone Studios but on Location at the Calcasieu SerialFest. Kendall has a Blog called Ken's Alternate Universe […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep061 Fave Five Robin Williams Portrayals August 19, 2022
    Greetings, Earthlings. We welcome you to another episode beamed straight from the Plastic Microphone Studios. Dr. Captain Astronaut Mouseketeer Scout Greene joins me to discuss our Favorite Portrayals from the incredible Robin Williams. We cover a plethora of his amazing characters and a few you may not be so familiar with. And in the immortal […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep060 Fave Five Recurring TV Characters August 5, 2022
    This week Mealy & Tudisco from the "UnProfessional Development" Podcast join me in the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss our Favorite Recurring TV Characters that were in more than 1 episode but less than 10 episodes. Is that specific enough for ya? We discuss characters from Sit-Coms, Dramas, Cop Shows, Sci-Fi, and more. These guys […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep059 Fave Five Marvel Projects July 22, 2022
    Lilli Dot joins me in the Plastic Microphone Studios to discuss our favorites from Cartoon, TV, and Screen, all set in the Marvel Universe. Everything from early Marvel TV Shows like Spider-Man and the Hulk right up to the latest Disney+ shows. We have a really great time and get deep into discussions of inclusion […]
    Jamie Ray
    Happy May the 4th AND Revenge of the Sixth. Please join Scout and me for a big announcement!  --- Send in a voice message:
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep058 Fave Five Disney World Attractions April 29, 2022
    Special Guest Doctor Captain Astronaut Mother of Dragons Scout Zooms into the Plastic Microphone to have a fun-filled discussion about our very favorite things the happiest place on Earth, Disney World! And boy, does she ever school me. Some of our choices may surprise you. And of course, there are lots of laughs. So sit […]
    Jamie Ray
  • CD Ep005 American Horror Story with Lilli Dot March 18, 2022
    Join me in welcoming Lilli Do to the Plastic Microphone Studios as we (well, really she) discuss the FX phenomenon that is "American Horror Story." Lilli covers EVERY episode, and takes me to TOWN. I hope you enjoy this episode of Complete Disarray. --- Send in a voice message:
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep057 Fave Five Animal Sidekicks February 4, 2022
    Lilli joins me to discuss our favorite animal Sidekicks from the Animal Kingdom.  --- Send in a voice message:
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep056 Fave Five Star Wars Moments December 19, 2021
    EPISODE LVI It is a time of great stress in the galaxy. Warring factions of Podcasters have begun assaulting the streaming platforms with wave after wave of Star Wars related episodes. And then, One Podcast comes forward to bring them all together. A Podcast with a very special and gifted Super Fan, one powerful with […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep055 Fave Five Rick & Morty Episodes December 4, 2021
    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Its a brand new episode all about the dimensional hopping Grandpa and grandson, Rick & Morty. Author Joshlyn Jackson joins me to talk about her novels, Dungeons and Dragons, and her one of a kind rating system for the episodes. Joshlyn really did her homework, and it shows. We laugh a […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep054 Fave Five Villains That Weren't Really THAT Wrong October 30, 2021
    Hope & George from the Fright Club Podcast join me to discuss the age-old question, "Does this smell funny to you?" Wait, this just in, that is NOT what we're discussing. We will actually be discussing what some people call "Villains", but the case can be made that they really weren't THAT wrong. And no, […]
    Jamie Ray
  • Trailer for FFFF Ep054 October 25, 2021
    Here's a sneak peek at the upcoming episode 54 with Hope and George Zooming to the Plastic Microphone Studios. --- Send in a voice message:
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep053 Fave Five Barbarians October 22, 2021
    Gather round, yon Podcast Universe, and hear a tale of two Jamies. Each armed with a microphone and a list... a list of favorite Barbarians. Please join me in welcoming first-time guest and Cartoonist Jamie Cosley to the Plastic Microphone Studios. Jamie Cosley is a Cartoonist, a Comic Book Artist, a Musician who sings in […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep052 '80s Cars on the Screen October 15, 2021
    Join me in welcoming my SIPNetwork Brothers JD & Kyle from the "Back In Time Podcast" to discuss our Favorite Cars from both the Big Screen and the Little one. We'll be discussing some cars, trucks, and just about anything with wheels from that RAD time, with the guys who know it so well. So […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF Ep051 Fave Five Paranormal Movies October 8, 2021
    11:55, almost midnight. Enough time for one more story. One more story before 12:00, just to keep us warm.  Spooky stories are awesome, and spooky movies are even better. Join me in welcoming Paranormal Pat to the Plastic Microphone Studios as we discuss our favorite Paranormal Films. Will we match? Tune in to find out! […]
    Jamie Ray
  • FFFF B007 Lake Charles Film Festival - Brooke Elder Hebert October 1, 2021
    Female Filmmaker Brooke Edler Hebert Zooms in to discuss her submissions to the Lake Charles Film Festival this weekend. Listen & learn about her other projects, as well, like "Halloween Candy" and "Ivy." Also, hear 'bout next year's Southern Gothic Film Fest. This is a fun one, y'all! --- Send in a voice message:
    Jamie Ray